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If so, you could collect instant
cash payments of $230, $310 and $252...
in the next 30 days.


(Even if you don't own these ETFs, keep reading - 
you may still be eligible for payment

Dear Friend,


When most investors buy an ETF (or Exchange Traded Fund,) they assume there are only 2 ways to make money:


  1. Through capital gains if the share price goes up, and

  2. By collecting a dividend payment.

But that's 100% FALSE.


The truth is, there's another way to collect income from these ETFs, that's both safer AND more consistent than owning shares and collecting dividends.


Let me explain...


You've probably heard of SPY, the ETF that tracks the S&P 500. Right now shares are trading at all time highs... up 8% since May.


Take a look:



But in that same time frame, I locked in 3 even bigger returns:



These 3 SPY transactions directly resulted in 3 cash payments of $230, $310, and $252, respectively.


Now let me be clear.


These payments have nothing to do with shareholder dividends or special cash distributions that publicly traded companies sometimes issue.


And while these payouts are deposited directly into my account, much like a dividend payment, this is a completely different type of transaction.


As I'm about to explain, this simple strategy is far better.


Here's why:


It's more predictable: I don't have to wait for a quarterly dividend or some big news to drive share price higher. I choose exactly when I will collect my next cash payment... down to the day.


It's more lucrative: Using this simple transaction, I locked in gains of 13%, 18% and 21% on SPY over a 6th month period - while shares of SPY gained only 8%.


It's more frequent: I can collect extra payouts around 8 to 10 times a year on the SPY ETF using this simple transaction, whereas I only get 4 dividends payments per year for owning shares.


These are just a few reasons this simple transaction is not only better than owning shares, but the ultimate low-risk approach to earning extra income for retirement.


And quite frankly, keeping risk to a minimum is what this transaction is all about...


A Nobel Prize Winning
Investment Formula


Now, you might be surprised to learn that the idea behind this transaction wasn't conceived by a Wall Street bank.


Rather, it was developed by a mathematician who earned a Nobel Prize for developing the first highly specialized formula that could effectively "eliminate risk."


And while this mathematical genius would be the first to admit his formula isn't 100% accurate, 100% of the time...


It's pretty darn close.


If you think this all sounds too good to be true, I don't blame you.


When most people hear about a near perfect investment strategy - they tend to immediately go on the defensive...


And that's a shame... because it means they're missing out on some of the easiest income in the marketplace.


You see the vast majority of investors will NEVER use this type of investment in their portfolio...


They won't even give it a chance.


So if a Nobel Prize isn't enough evidence that this income strategy works, consider that...


Over the past 2 decades, some of the world's richest investors, like Warren Buffett, and most powerful banks, like Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse...


Have consistently used strategies based on the same Nobel Prize-winning formula to safely boost their income, dozens of times each year.


What's more, I've personally used this strategy almost exclusively for the past 10 years and have since devoted my career to showing regular investors how to do the same.


But I am realist. I understand there's no holy grail in trading. And I'm ok with that.


One thing I do know for certain is that I've found a unique and concrete transaction that makes a world of sense... and pays me consistent income with minimum risk.


And while it might sound strange to you - I haven't bought or sold a share stock or ETF myself in the last 10 years.


Why? I've simply found a better way to invest.


In fact, I urge you not to buy another share of an ETF or stock either... at least until you're finished reading this letter. Because there's a good chance what I'm about to show you will change your mind.


And the truth is, it doesn't matter if you currently own shares of the 36 ETFs listed at the start of this letter.


You can perform this simple transaction - and collect extra income - whether you're an ETF shareholder or not.


So if you're interested, I'd like to show you how to boost your income using the most reliable and lucrative investing strategy on the planet... and start collecting instant cash payments in the next 30 days.


A Little-Known SPY Trade...
With 100% Accuracy


Hi, my name is Andy Crowder.


After a successful Wall Street career with Oppenheimer Investments and years of trading and back-testing hundreds of investing strategies, I've now spent the past decade developing my own proprietary, low-risk income transaction.


It's designed to take advantage of inefficiencies in the market...


And as you know, I use it to earn extra income from 36 different ETFs... without actually owning shares.


More importantly, this transaction allows me to collect income with extremely high probability of success, over a very short holding time.


I can even choose exactly when I want to collect income... down to the day.


Sometimes this strategy will hand me returns of over 35% in less than a week. Other times, I'll gain 50% (or more) over the course of a month.


It all depends on the specific details of the trade.


That's why I'm always on the lookout for new possibilities with the highest probability of success.


Now what sets this income opportunity apart from nearly every other investment in the world is its rate of success.


Usually, when you buy a share of any ETF or stock, you have a 50% chance of making money...


And a 50% chance of losing money.


That's a fact.


You see, despite their sometimes-outrageous claims and guarantees, even the world's best stock pickers, analysts and investment bankers don't know for sure if a stock will go up or down.


No one does.


When it comes to my hard-earned money, I'm not willing to make an investment based on a 50-50 chance of success.


That's what makes this trade so different.


In my own experience, when I use this transaction to collect extra income from the list of 36 ETFs I showed you at the start of the letter...


I make money 85% of the time. Not bad, right?


Wait; it gets even better.


In certain cases, the probability of success for this transaction is even greater...


You see, I've used this trade on the S&P 500 Index (SPY) a total of 8 times this year - and I've had a 100% success rate with it.


Here is a full list of the most recent deposits to my account from this SPY trade:



































In the past year alone I've collected more than $2,000 in extra income from SPY, and as I've mentioned, I don't own any shares of the ETF...


While that might not seem like a lot of money to make over the course of a year, don't forget that I commonly use a similar transaction on 35 other ETFs, not to mention a number of stocks.


It adds up.


I can even make money on this trade when my assumptions are partially wrong.


Yes, I can be wrong about the direction of an ETF - and still make money with this transaction...


There's not another investment I know of that can make that claim and offer the self-directed investor so much extra income, so consistently and safely.


That's why I consider it...


The ONLY Real Alternative to 
Low Yield Traditional Income Investments


It's still shocking to me that otherwise informed and intelligent investors fail to understand what makes this transaction a superior way to earn extra income for retirement... to cover living expenses... or as I like to do, reinvest the profits.


And while it's readily available to nearly every investor with a brokerage account - until recently, it's been ignored or misunderstood by the mainstream press and largely overlooked by the average investor.


But lately, some regular investors have started to "catch on"...


Like Rick K., of Malibu Beach, who wrote in to say:


"I have been using [your] strategy since... December and have 7 positive trades with enough income to satisfy my expenses and much more."

Or Trevor P, 64, who recently emailed me share his success story:

"I personally experienced a 435% gain in my portfolio..."

These are just a few of the regular investors who are now taking advantage of this unique approach to income investing.


In fact, many retirees have written to tell me that they've now sold off their Treasuries and much of their dividend portfolio in favor of this simple transaction.


And can you blame them?


A money market account returns just .7%...


A 10 year U.S. Treasury is paying 1.64%...


And the average 3-year CD yields just 1.4%.


The harsh reality is that these investments don't even keep up with inflation, let alone pay out enough to cover living expenses or fund a comfortable retirement.


That's why, in today's zero percent interest environment, traditional income investments no longer make sense for a lot of investors.


Especially when you consider that you can achieve far better results with evenless risk.


The best thing is, by using the simple income transaction I've been telling you about, you don't have to wait around for the market to go up in order to collect cash payments.


Much like dividend stocks, this transaction allows you to collect extra income whether the market is up down, or sideways.


That's why I'd like to show you how to become a truly savvy income investor and start utilizing this alternative approach to capture the easiest and most dependable cash payments in the market... right away.


What Am I Talking About?
Let Me Explain...


By now you I'm sure you're wondering how it's possible to safely and consistently collect extra income on the 36 ETFs showed you at the start of this letter.


And I'm about to tell you...


But before I do, you have to agree to hear me out...


I say that because a lot of people have the wrong idea about this transaction.


In other words, it has a bad reputation... a reputation that is based largely on ignorance and misinformation.


As you might have guessed, I'm talking about trading options...


When most people think about trading options they automatically assume there's a high degree of risk involved. 

And don't get me wrong: options can be risky... but they can also be very safe.


What most people don't understand is that when options are used appropriately, they can be both a powerful AND conservative investing tool at the same time.


"By themselves, options are not dangerous. The danger is in the speculative strategies that some people use."

- Wall Street Journal Marketwatch


You see most people who trade options aren't investors at all...







  1. Options are Risky...
    While options can be risky, they can also be very safe. It comes down to how you want to invest.

  2. Options are Difficult...
    Again, there are countless approaches to trading options... and many of them are rather complex. That's why I focus on one high-probability strategy that makes money 85% of the time, even for those just getting started.

  3. Options are time consuming...
    While some strategies require constant monitoring, the strategy I use exclusively allows you to collect income without paying a lot of attention to the daily movements of the markets.

They're speculators. There are thousands of them who trade at high volume, risking tremendous amounts of money with every transaction.


And these speculators are making extremely risky bets on everything from blue chips to penny stocks to ETFs.


That's the idea behind my proprietary strategy...


I wait for speculators to make extremely risky trade, and when the timing is in my favor, I go against them with my low-risk income transaction.


It's a unique way to trade options that has everything to do with safe, conservative income from popular ETFs.


For example, right now there hundreds of speculators who are betting that the S&P 500 Index (SPY) will drop from $146 to $130 over the next month.


It's not likely to happen.


In fact there's only a small chance the ETF will lose $16 in that time frame... yet plenty of speculators are betting that the S&P will plummet... in hopes of life-changing returns.


You see, for every high-risk trade that is made with a 15% chance of success, someone must take the contrarian position, which offers an 85% chance of success.


"Most investors use options the wrong way. They seek huge and risky gains - and usually lose big. I seek small, low risk gains - and I win big over the long term."

- Andy Crowder

And that's where I come in.


I take the other side of the trade, betting against the speculators who are making high-risk trades...


In short, that's how I've collected tens of thousands of dollars in extra income through the same low-risk transaction.  Making low risk ETF trades, that go against the countless speculators.


You see, speculators expect to lose most of the time. They're counting on a big payoff when they finally get lucky - one that will cover all their losses and then some.


Now don't get me wrong, speculation is certainly one way to trade options (it's what the majority of options traders do and the reason that options have a bad reputation...


I couldn't make money on these ETFs were it not for these high-risk traders.


Besides, that's what makes a market.


But speculation is not an approach to investing that I would recommend to anyone.


For me, as an options trader, I'm looking to make steady, reliable gains without too much of a holding period. (And I've found that's what most investors are looking for as well.)


That's why I take a conservative approach to trading options, waiting for an extreme to hit the market... and swiftly taking advantage of it with a super-simple high probability transaction.


It's the same approach that professional options traders use to capture income.


And it's proved incredibly successful for me over the years.


Here are few recent examples of my proprietary trade in action:


13% on TLT... in 42 days

21% on VXX... in 30 days

14.9% on XRT... in 35 days

25% on QQQ... in 65 days

13.6% on SPY... in 25 days

16.2% on XLE... in 28 days

13.6% on DIA... in 16 days

14.9% on EWZ in... in 51 days

18.3% on SPY in... in 35 days


As you can see, this approach allows me to collect a few hundred dollars at a time, dozens of times each year, with a holding period that ranges from a week to a couple months.


And I'd like to show you the simple steps you can follow today to start collecting instant cash payments from my proprietary trading strategy... without delay.


How to Start Trading My Strategy Today,


I'd like to share with you all the details of exactly how you can use my options strategy to collect extra income... but it's simply not possible in this short letter.


That's why I've spent the last 6 months working on a 30-page white paper that breaks my proprietary strategy down in the simplest terms.


It's called, How to Collect Extra Monthly Income With One Simple Trade.


Inside I explain everything you need to know to start successfully trading options using my simple high-probability income strategy, including:

  • The foundations of options, puts and calls
  • Common myths about options
  • What you need to know before you trade options
  • Examples of my options trade for income on ETFs
  • Risk management, position sizing, capital preservation
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to execute your first transaction


By simply following this easy-to-use options primer, you'll gain the knowledge you need to earn extra income from my proprietary options trade.


And in just a minute, I'll tell you exactly how to get a chance to review this brand-new white paper, risk-free.


But I wouldn't want you to go out and start trading options without the proper guidance, support, and actionable trade advice.


You see I run a service that's dedicated to helping income investors achieve their financial goals through safe and extremely dependable trades on 36 popular ETFs.


And I'd like to give you a chance to try my service today... for RISK-FREE.


Gain the High Probability Advantage,
Right Away


The service I run is a real money portfolio called Options Advantage... and it lets anyone, regardless of previous knowledge or experience, start collecting cash payments using my high-probability income trade.


It's the ideal way to begin trading options for income.


With Options Advantage, you don't need to be an expert options trader to make money with the service. That's part of the reason is so popular among those at or approaching retirement age... and anyone who's looking for extra income.


My easy-to-follow trade recommendations provide clear and precise instructions for executing my high probability income trade with your online brokerage account.


But of course, I also include further detail to help you understand my full rationale for each and every trade I make, including chart analysis, expected holding period, along with regular updates on the progress of all ongoing transactions.


And I take each and every trade recommendation very seriously.


You see, Options Advantage is a $25,000 real-money portfolio.


So I'm not just making recommendations... I have real skin in the game, just like you.


My readers get advance notice of every trade I make, along with my full analysis and most importantly, how and when they'll make money with each and every trade alert...


The Options Advantage service includes:


  • Full 24/7 access to the 'members only' Options Advantage website, complete with my latest analysis, advice and recommendations.

  • Each Friday by 5:30 p.m. Eastern time, you'll receive the Options Advantage Strike Price newsletter by email, where you'll find updates and notes on my latest trades and any new developments on his watch list.

  • Exclusive email alerts giving me advance notice of buys and sells


My goal with the service is to provide investors with a better, smarter way to collect extra cash every month. Options Advantage is essentially your practical guide to using my options strategy and understanding how it will work as a complement to an existing investment portfolio.


To achieve this, I've personally prepared a number of education tools and special reports to help readers like you, gain a better understanding of my strategy, as well as the foundations of options...


I took a contract in the TF on Thursday based on your trigger... and covered today for a profit of almost 50%. Amazing. This one trade pays for your service for a couple years! - D. Lundquist


Funny how unlike most the other "gurus" out there, you actually stress patience and letting the game come to you. - B. Russel


Nicely done with the close of the SPY puts yesterday. That one was a good lesson in the value of patience. I predicted you'd take the QQQ off as well. Let me know your thoughts. I really enjoy the communication from you on open plays. I'm enjoyingOptions Advantage. - Jim T.


First I would like to say:
GREAT JOB WITH OPTIONS ADVANTAGE! I am active trader and also I have been subscribed to a number of newsletters. So far I have found 2 or 3 successful letters. And yours is one of them. I looked at your first 10 trades and you have 10 out of 10 winners. - I.L.

Here is a sampling of the reports that are available to members, 24/7, via the Options Advantage subscriber website:


Special Report #1: The Vital Rule For Every Options Trade 
This special report reveals the ONE simple indicator to take advantage of extremes on highly-liquid ETFs.


Special Report #2: My Top 5 Options Secrets - REVEALED 
This special report is filled with real world examples and charts so you can see exactly how each options strategy works, a handy reference guide for trading alongside me.


Special Report #3: Using ETF Options for Wealth Protection and Portfolio Growth 
An insider's approach to finding statistical advantages in the market, this report reveals all the secret tips, techniques and angles I use to find low-risk and lucrative trades using ETFs.


Special Report #4: The Income Investor's Options Toolkit
Discover the best ways to find high probability trades on your own and more.


And I'd like to give you complete access to the Options Advantage service, the members-only website, all the Special Reports, and all of my trade alerts... for 2 months starting today - RISK-FREE.


How You Can Claim Your 
2 Months Right Now - RISK-FREE


I'd like you to be able to try out my proprietary strategy for capturing safe and lucrative levels of income...


And I don't want the price to be an issue.


That's why I'm offering you the chance to try my service RISK-FREE for 2 months.


So here's what I propose:


Paper trade my income recommendations... read my research reports... learn about my strategies and get a feel for what Options Advantage is all about for a full 2 months.


(I usually issue about 2 to 3 income trade alerts a month - so during your RISK-FREE trial, it's likely you'll have the chance to collect up to 5 or 6 income payments.)


In exchange, all I ask is that you purchase my new White Paper, How to Collect Extra Monthly Income With One Simple Trade, and sign up for a 60-day trial to my service for just $39.50 a month.


That's not a lot to ask considering that you'll likely cover the entire cost of your trial in your first trade using my proprietary strategy.


Even if you decide to paper trade my recommendations during your RISK-FREE trial... It will only cost you $39.50 a month to learn an entirely new approach to income investing that could drastically improve your financial situation, starting right away.


And if for any reason you decide that my options service is not right you in the first 2 months - I want you to call and request a full refund. No questions asked. No problem.


That's my guarantee to you.


Quite simply, options are the most powerful strategy that we as individual investors have at our disposal. And I believe this special offer is the single best way to find out if collecting extra income from options is right for you.


Once you get a chance to review my $25,000 real money portfolio, my regular trade alerts, all the Special Reports and education tools - and starting utilizing my service to collect income...


I'm confident you'll realize what a difference this simple trade can make in your financial security. 


The best part is, if you're not completely satisfied with my White Paper, How to Collect Extra Monthly Income With One Simple Trade, you can call our customer service representative and request a full refund.


I hope you'll join me.


Click Here to Get Started



Andy Crowder
Chief Options Strategist


P.S. If you decide to stay on as an Options Advantage member after your 2-month FREE trial, I have more good news for you: I've convinced my publisher to give you the best rate ever on my service.


You won't pay $99 a month like everyone else...


By responding through this special invitation, once your 2 month RISK-FREE trial is over, you'll pay just $79 a month for Options Advantage. (That's the lowest price we've ever offered.)


But keep in mind, that's only if you decide you like collecting extra income through my proprietary income strategy.


If after you read my research reports, look over my real-money portfolio and evaluate my Options Advantage service, you decide it's not for you, just call up our customer service department and request a full refund. No questions asked.


You have absolutely nothing to lose... and thousands of dollars of extra income to gain.


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P.S.S. You're still reading... so I'm going to assume you're still not fully convinced that my new income trading service is right for you.


And that's perfectly understandable.


That's why I waited until the end of this letter to tell you about a new part of my service that just might change your mind.


As you know, my proprietary income trade works not only on ETFs but also on certain highly liquid stocks... and there's no more highly traded stock these days than Apple.


That's why I've recently added an Apple-based portfolio to the Options Advantage portfolio.


Over the past 14 months I've made 4 income trades using Apple - and I've collected extra income with each trade.























Whether you're an Apple shareholder or not, doesn't matter. You can collect this income either way... starting immediately.


And if you're not completely satisfied, you can request a full refund of the $39 fee on my White Paper, How to Collect Extra Monthly Income With One Simple Trade. No problems, no questions asked.


You have nothing to lose. I hope you'll join me...


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* Investing in stocks carries certain risks for loss just as much as it presents opportunities for rewards. While each of the stocks in this new investment report has been thoroughly researched by professional analysts, investors are advised to perform their own research and due diligence before investing. Future returns claims made in this promotion are based on calculations and evaluations made to the best of the ability of  Top Stock Insights  research analysts, however they CANNOT be guaranteed and should not be considered as such.